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Pentair Carbon Block Filters


Our Pentair Carbon Block Filters remove chlorine, VOC’s and chemicals from your water to improve taste, odour and appearance. Constructed from bonded powder activated carbon with a high surface area these carbon filters have an exceptional chlorine reduction capacity and outperform most other carbon block cartridges on the market. The impressive capacity means filters need changing less often and are suitable for both domestic and more demanding commercial applications. These 20” Pentair Carbon Block Filters are available in both regular and large diameter (or ‘BB’) sizes.

Why Choose Our Pentair Carbon Block Filters?

  • Improves the taste, odour and appearance of your water
  • Outer wrap prevents premature blinding from sediment
  • WRAS approved materials for safe drinking water
  • Excellent chlorine reduction capacity

Need help with our Pentair Carbon Block Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Whether you are looking for a carbon filter for drinking water, for a manufacturing process or as a pre-filter for a reverse osmosis system our Pentair Carbon Block Filters offer unrivalled performance. With an outer wrap which acts as a sediment filter to protect the carbon block from premature blinding and maintaining minimal pressure drop.

EPM-20: This 10 micron regular diameter 20” carbon block has been cleverly constructed to minimise pressure drop, with an initial pressure drop of just 0.03 bar at 7.8 litres per minute. Offering an impressive chlorine reduction capacity of 22,700L at 2ppm free chlorine.

EP-20BB: This 5 micron large diameter 20” carbon block features a uniquely formulated polyolefin bi-laminate pre-filter, helping to increase the service life of the cartridge by trapping sediment which typically plugs (or ‘blinds’) carbon filters. With an initial pressure drop of 0.14 bar at 15.1 litres per minute. Offering an impressive chlorine reduction capacity of 166,558L at 2ppm free chlorine.

How Often Do I Need To Change These Pentair Carbon Block Filters?
If you can measure (or estimate) the flow throughput you can accurately establish change frequency, as Pentair offer good data on the chlorine reduction capacity of these filters. Where this is not possible it is best practice to change your carbon filter annually for hygiene purposes.

Key Product Information

  • Efficient removal of chlorine, VOC’s and chemicals
  • High operating temperatures of up to 82.2⁰C
  • Moulded end caps with integrated gaskets
  • Available in 20” regular and large diameter
  • Genuine Pentair carbon block filters

Compatible Products

Need help with our Pentair Carbon Block Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Domestic, Home & Office, Drinking Water, Food & Beverage, Light Commercial, Boats, Caravans, Electroplating


EPM-20: 20” Regular Diameter (2.5” x 20”)
EP-20BB: 20” Large Diameter (4.25” x 20”)

Flow Rates

EPM-20: 7.8 Litres Per Minute
EP-20BB: 15.1 Litres Per Minute


20 Inch

Micron Rating

EPM-20: 10 Micron
EP-20BB: 5 Micron

Carbon Type

Bonded Powder Activated Carbon

Initial Pressure Drop

EPM-20: 0.03 bar at 7.8lpm
EP-20BB: 0.14 bar at 15.1lpm

Operating Temperature

4.4 – 82.2⁰C


Filter Media: Bonded PAC
End Caps: Polypropylene
Outer Wrap: Polyolefin
Netting: Polyethylene
Gaskets: Buna-N

End Cap Configuration

Double Open Ended (DOE)

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