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What Are The Benefits Of Water Softeners?

Limescale On Bathroom Tap

Unbeknown to some, installing a water softener can offer several benefits to your home, health and even your bank account. If you are one of the 60% of the UK classed as having hard or very hard water then it’s likely that you’ve noticed its impact throughout the home. We’re talking about unsightly marks on shower screens, limescale in your kettle and decreased flow from shower heads. All of these issues might seem unavoidable, but they can easily be tackled at their source. Let’s explore some of the ways a water softener can help mitigate the headaches caused by hard water.

Save Money On Heating Bills And Repairs

First let’s talk about money. Limescale build up in your boiler and on heating elements in other household appliances reduces their efficiency, meaning you have to spend more money on energy to heat your home or boil your kettle. This is because Calcium is not a conductor of heat, so scaled heating elements don’t conduct heat very efficiently. Limescale formation in appliances and pipework also leads to breakdowns, meaning you replace costly appliances more often.

  • Feeding your boiler with softened water helps to maintain 100% efficiency over 15 years
  • Homes in hard water areas can accumulate up to 70kg of scale every year
  • Just 9g of scale reduces your boiler efficiency by up to 5.6%
Benefits of water softeners - save money on heating bills and repairs

A Water Softener Can Save You Up To £240 A Year On Energy Bills And Depreciation Of Appliances

Remove Existing Limescale Build Up

You’ll be pleased to know that by installing a water softener you can begin to clear out years of harmful limescale build up. Over time, feeding your home with soft water will help to clear out the internal build up of limescale inside your pipework, appliances and even your boiler – leading to a happier, more efficient home.

  • In just 4 weeks you can expect a limescale free kettle
  • In 4-6 months limescale will be completely removed from your hot water cylinder
  • In 2 years a water softener will completely remove limescale from your pipework
Benefits of water softeners - remove existing limescale build up

In Just 4-6 Months Limescale Will Be Removed From Your Hot Water Cylinder

Save Time And Money On Cleaning

Installing a Water Softener can save you cleaning time and money spent on detergents or de-scaling products. Living in the South East which is a notoriously hard water area, we are all too familiar with constantly cleaning surfaces, de-scaling taps and wiping down showers. With soft water you will no longer get ‘spotting’ on surfaces (like your shower screen) or scale formation on taps and showerheads, so no more buying descaler either.

Softened water also produces a foamier lather with soaps and detergents, meaning you use less shampoo, body wash, washing detergent, washing up liquid and more! Most modern dishwashers also have a built-in scale control system, with a Water Softener you no longer need to worry about topping up your dishwasher salt because your water softener is doing the job long before the water gets to your appliance.

  • Reduce cleaning time by up to 10 working days per year
  • Use 50% less washing powder on every wash
  • Use up to 42% less product when cleaning
Benefits of water softeners - save time and money cleaning

Save Upwards Of £30 A Month On Cleaning Products And Washing Detergents

Softer Laundry And Brighter Clothes

Softened water helps your laundry look brighter, cleaner and feel softer. No more stiff towels that won’t go fluffy no matter how much tumble drying they endure! Hard water can leave a mineral build-up that your laundry detergent can’t quite cut through, soft water not only prevents this but also helps soaps and detergents form a fuller lather, so less product is required. Just check on the back of your laundry detergent and you will notice a chart showing how much less product is required for people with soft water.

  • Save 100% on the use of fabric conditioner
  • Wash at temperatures as low as 30°C and achieve the same results
  • Prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your washing machine
Benefits of water softeners - softer laundry and brighter clothes

Wash At Temperatures As Low As 30°C And Achieve The Same Results

Healthier Skin And Softer Hair

Hard water can dry out your skin and hair, with the dissolved minerals and ions making it appear dry and damaged. As mentioned previously, softened water offers a thicker soap lather meaning your shampoo and body wash will go further as well as leaving you with silky soft skin and hair as opposed to that dry feeling after a hard water bath/shower. Stop blaming the wrong soap or moisturiser for your dry skin and start thinking about what’s in the water that you are washing with instead! 

  • Use up to 50% less shampoo and body wash when washing
  • Tackle the cause of dry and dull hair at the source
  • Reduce frizz and the fading of dyed hair
Benefits of water softeners - healthier skin and hair

Use Up To 50% Less Shampoo And Body Wash When Washing To Achieve The Same Results

Relief From Eczema

If you suffer from Eczema you have probably explored a whole host of products to help relieve the condition, from fragrance-free moisturisers and soaps to avoiding bubble baths altogether. But have you considered that ions like Calcium and Magnesium in your water can be an irritant? It has been proven by studies at the University of Sheffield that there is a link between washing in hard water and eczema. Here is a breakdown of what they found:

  • Bathing in hard water accelerated symptoms in people already suffering from eczema
  • Washing in hard water increases exposure to the irritant ‘SLS’ which has been linked to eczema flare-ups
  • In children and infants washing in hard water can increase the chances of developing eczema
Benefits of water softeners - relief from eczema

Trials Show An 86% Reduction In The Severity Of Eczema Symptoms

Should You Purchase A Water Softener?

The bottom line is, if you live in a hard water area then you could benefit greatly from softening the water that feeds your home. Studies show the average 4 person household could save £200 or more each year by installing a water softener. If you are unsure whether you live in a hard water area or simply want to learn more, check out our water softener guide page for a comprehensive look into the world of soft water from a buyers perspective.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the suitability of one of our water softening systems then please feel free to give us a call, drop a quick email or use our online live chat.

A Buyers Guide To Water Softeners

Want to find out more about whether a water softener is suitable for your home? We break down the most common types available on the market including both electric and non-electric systems.

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