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Water Softening Resin Filter Kit


Our Water Softening Resin Filter Kit is designed to produce small volumes of softened water on demand, using tried and tested ion-exchange technology to remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are responsible for limescale. The softening resin cartridge is both refillable and regenerable, meaning you can extend the service life of the filter by submerging it in a strong brine solution to clean or ‘regenerate’ the resin beads. This complete kit contains everything you need to install a softened water supply on the feed to an appliance or process, including filter housing, softening resin media cartridge and connectors to suit standard UK 15mm pipework.

Why Choose Our Water Softening Resin Filter Kit?

  • Low cost system that produces small batches of softened water on demand
  • Supplied as a complete kit with everything needed for easy installation
  • Refillable cartridge with high quality WQA Certified softening resin
  • Resin cartridge can be regenerated using a strong brine solution

Need Help With Our Water Softening Resin Filter Kit? Give us a call on 01622 933 853

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There are numerous domestic and commercial applications that can benefit from a softened water feed. Whether you are looking for a solution to protect a coffee machine, food service equipment, a reverse osmosis system or expensive spray nozzles our Water Softening Resin Filter Kit is an economical option suited to flow rates of up to 2 litres per minute. The clever system design allows for maximum contact between the water and softening resin, with internal filter pads to prevent channelling and top gasket which creates a positive seal with the filter housing, preventing filter bypass.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Filter In This Water Softening Resin Filter Kit?
The lifespan of the filter varies greatly depending on your water hardness and amount of water used. As a guide, based on 300ppm hardness the filter will produce approximately 150L of softened water before the resin needs either replacing or regenerating. The cartridge can be regenerated by submerging the filter for a few hours in a brine solution.

Key Product Information

  • WQA Certified resin to NSF/ANSI 44 & 61 for food and beverage applications
  • High quality 3 piece filter housing with pressure relief valve
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to 15mm push fittings
  • Suitable for low flow rates of up to 2 litres per minute
  • Filter housing pressure rated up to 8.6 Bar

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Need Help With Our Water Softening Resin Filter Kit? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Domestic & Light Commercial, Dentistry, Spray Nozzle Protection, Autoclaves, Boats, Caravans, Catering, Glass Washers

System Contents

1 x 10” Clear Filter Housing (3/4” Ports)
1 x 10” Refillable Softening Resin Media Filter
2 x Push Fit Connectors 3/4" To 15mm
1 x Wall Mounting Bracket & Screws
1 x Spanner


Filter Housing: Height 315mm x Width 133mm x Depth 130mm
Filter Cartridge: 10” Length x 2.5” Diameter

Flow Rate

2 Litres Per Minute

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