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Food & Beverage

Water filtration and treatment is commonplace throughout food and beverage industries. It is important to ensure that any water that comes into contact with products, or is used to wash down equipment that does, is safe and free from harmful contaminants. Although many production sites operate on a mains water supply, regular water testing at the point of use is recommended to ensure nothing harmful is being introduced during production.

Particularly in beverage manufacturing, water is filtered and treated to a desired quality as it often makes up a large proportion of the final product, so making sure it doesn’t alter the flavour, appearance, mouthfeel or aroma of the beverage is paramount.

What Technologies Are Available?

In food and beverage applications the extent to which water needs to be treated varies by process and between manufacturers. From incoming water treatment for the whole premises to specialist treatment of water being introduced to products designed for human consumption. Below you will find the most popular technologies found in food and beverage applications.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtration?

There are countless ways that food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from the filtration or treatment of their water. From improving the efficiency and lifespan of appliances and steam boilers to ensuring a consistent and high quality product.

Reduce Bills

Heating hard water requires more energy, which increases costs in the long run with reduced efficiency and breakdowns of boilers and water using appliances.

Maintain Hygiene

Using a UV system to sterilise water at the point of use prevents the introduction of spoilage organisms into your product, reducing the risk of a recall.

Consistent Products

Filtering water used to manufacture your product gives you a clean pallet to work from and total control over the chemistry of the water being used.

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