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Simplex Commercial Water Softener


Our Simplex Commercial Water Softeners are designed to soften water at high flow rates, keeping up with the demands of busy commercial premises or fast moving manufacturing processes. Available in a range of resin capacities our simplex systems offer flow rates of up to 3,000 litres per hour. Complete with a WRAS approved timed valve from Autotrol, which can be programmed to regenerate when no water is being used. Each model is assembled in the UK using high quality, durable components to deliver a reliable and long term water softening solution.

If you are looking for a Simplex Water Softener with a flow rate greater than 3,000 litres per hour, larger port sizes, or a metered valve then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Why Choose Our Simplex Commercial Water Softeners?

  • Programmable time-controlled valve can be set to regenerate outside of operational hours
  • Durable polyglass vessel, free-standing brine tank and WRAS listed Autotrol valve
  • High performance systems for commercial and industrial applications
  • Peak flow rates up to 3,000 litres per hour

Need help with our Simplex Commercial Water Softeners? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Simplex Commercial Water Softeners are free-standing systems with a separate brine tank for easy salt top ups. Popular for high flow rate applications, they are commonly found in laundry facilities, hotels, offices and large domestic properties. Our Simplex units are controlled using a WRAS listed Autotrol 255 valve which can be programmed using your water hardness and set to regenerate at a time when no water is being used (for example at 2am).

Our range of water softeners have been selected by our team of experts because of their reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance requirements. Simplex softeners come partially assembled and are supplied with premium food grade softening resin which offers an average lifespan of 15 years under normal operating conditions.

What Maintenance Is Required With A Simplex Commercial Water Softener?
These systems are designed to run with minimum maintenance and as such do not usually require much adjustment or work. The salt level should be checked once per week and topped up if low. During the weekly salt check it is recommended to check the general condition of the water softener to ensure there is no damage or leaks. Many customers test their water every 6-12 months for peace of mind that their water softener is operating effectively.

Key Product Information:

  • Resin capacities from 30L to 75L for varying water hardness and flow rates
  • Pentair Autotrol 255 timed valve manufactured in the USA
  • Supplied partially assembled for ease of shipping
  • Separate brine tank makes topping up salt easy
  • High capacity food grade softening resin

Compatible Products

Need help with our Simplex Commercial Water Softeners? Give us a call on 01622 933 853



30L: 10" x 35"
40L: 10" x 44"
50L: 10" x 54"
60L: 12" x 48"
75L: 13" x 54"

Suitable For

Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial

Power Supply

Mains Powered

Power Rating

Electrical Rating: 230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 12 VAC Transformer
Power Rating: 3 Watt Average

Valve Type


Port Sizes

Inlet/Outlet: 3/4"
Drain: 3/4"

Feed Pressure

1.5 To 8 Bar (1 Bar Average Pressure Loss)

Inlet Pressure

Minimum Inlet Pressure: 30 Psi (2 Bar)
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 90 Psi (6 Bar)

Max Flow Rate

30L: 1,200 Litres Per Hour
40L: 1,600 Litres Per Hour
50L: 2,000 Litres Per Hour
60L: 2,400 Litres Per Hour
75L: 3,000 Litres Per Hour

Water Temperature

5-35 C


No Allowance

Salt Usage

30L: 4.5kg Salt
40L: 6kg Salt
50L: 8.3kg Salt
60L: 9kg Salt
75L: 11.25kg Salt

Salt Type



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Simplex Water Softener Information Chart

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