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Private Water Supply

Private water supplies are found up and down the UK for providing homes and businesses with water. Springs, boreholes and wells are all common types of private water supply. The level of filtration and treatment required depends on what is in the water and what it is being used for e.g. for farm animals or for human consumption. From sediment control to organics removal and pH correction, we offer a complete range of products for your water treatment needs.

What Technologies Are Available?

Depending on what is in your water, you may need to employ a multi-stage system to provide you with potable quality water. Potable water is water that is deemed safe for human consumption. We always recommend having a water analysis conducted periodically as over time the quality of water from your private supply can change, meaning less or more treatment is required. If you already have results from a water analysis, we are happy to analyse it and make recommendations as to the stages of filtration and treatment required to get your water to the required quality.

A typical private water supply system always includes sediment filters and a UV system to sterilise any bacteria that may be in the water. Whether further treatment is required will again depend on the results of your water analysis and how you plan on using the water. We have linked below some of our most popular categories for treating private water supplies.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtration?

Private water supplies are cost effective as you don’t pay anything for your water, once up and running the only cost is maintaining your filtration system and regular water testing. This makes them particularly popular for properties with high water usage such as farms and factories and for homes that do not have access to a mains supply. If you have a private water supply and are providing it as a source of water where commercial or public activity takes place, it is paramount that the water treatment system you employ delivers potable water within the regulatory limits set out in private water supply legislation.

Potable Water

We supply a range of borehole water filters and systems that treat your water to potable quality, improving the appearance, taste and smell of drinking water.

Remote Access

Provide permanent access to clean, potable quality drinking water from remote and rural locations where use of a mains water supply just isn't a possibility.

Compliant Water

Ensure compliance with UK regulations for private water supplies with an effective range of filtration solutions designed for boreholes, springs and wells.

Our Private Water Supply Solutions

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