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Whole House Polyphosphate Filter


Our Whole House Polyphosphate Filter is an effective solution to protect your home against limescale, corrosion and water discolouration. It even improves the taste and odour of drinking water thanks to the food grade Polyphosphate which is proportionately dosed into the water. This dosing technology works by ‘sequestering’ calcium and magnesium, making these scale forming minerals more water soluble which keeps them in solution, rather than depositing as limescale in pipework and on heat exchangers. This type of treatment is permanent, so even water stored in tanks remains treated at all times.

Why Choose Our Whole House Polyphosphate Filter?

  • Prevents limescale and corrosion in pipework and on heat exchangers
  • Easy to install with minimal maintenance required
  • Protect your boiler, pipework and appliances
  • Treats up to 100,000L between refills

Need help with our Whole House Polyphosphate Filter? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


The Whole House Polyphosphate Filter can be installed on the incoming water feed to your home, the cold feed to your boiler or at the point of use (such as to protect spray nozzles or fine pipework from limescale build up). The specially designed filter housing uses the venturi effect to proportionately dose the water with polyphosphate, keeping polyphosphate levels below 5mg/l (recommended for drinking) whilst effectively treating even the hardest of water up to 500ppm. Water treated with Polyphosphate can be heated up to 75-80⁰C however when heated beyond this it gradually loses its effectiveness.

Featuring 3/4″ brass reinforced BSP ports, the filter can be easily connected to 15mm or 22mm pipework. We offer a range of push fit connectors which allow you to easily convert to standard UK pipework sizes from a 3/4″ BSP thread.

How Often Do I Need To Change The Whole House Polyphosphate Filter?
The Polyphosphate crystals inside the filter dissolve into the water, slowly disappearing over time. When the crystals inside have depleted, you can simply unscrew the top of the filter and replace the crystals inside. Each refill lasts approximately 100,000L depending on your water hardness.

Key Product Information

  • Suitable for both point of use and point of entry applications
  • Alternative to other boiler protection systems on the market
  • Proportionate dosing ensures water is suitable for drinking
  • Easy to install on 15mm or 22mm pipework
  • Complete kit with wall bracket and spanner

Compatible Products

Need help with our Whole House Polyphosphate Filter? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Domestic, Limescale Control, Scale Inhibitor, Drinking Water, Home & Office, Food & Beverage, Coffee Machines, Glass Washers, Boiler Protection

Supplied With

Filter Housing (Wall Bracket, Screws And Spanner)
Refillable Polyphosphate Crystal Cartridge

Product Dimensions

Height 315mm
Width 133mm
Depth 130mm

Port Size

3/4" Brass Reinforced Female BSP

Max Water Hardness


Flow Rate

1,500 Litres Per Hour

Operating Temperature


Max Pressure

8 Bar

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