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Electroplating & Component Finishing

Water quality is important when it comes to getting the perfect finish in electroplating and component finishing applications. The presence of sediment and organics in plating solutions can lead to rough plating and pitting. In component finishing applications wash water needs to be pure and contaminant free, to prevent spotting after water has dried.

What Technologies Are Available?

The most popular technologies include sediment control, organics removal and pure water production. Maintaining water quality is key to ensuring a perfect finish on components, allowing manufacturers to deliver consistent results for even the most demanding of industries.  Below we have linked our most popular product categories for the electroplating and component finishing markets.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtration?

In electroplating, solutions can be maintained for longer by using filtration to remove particulate and organics from the bath, where contaminants are easily introduced by parts, drag-in, corrosion and brightener breakdown. Pure water has low conductivity and is recommended for pre-rinses, the make-up of plating solutions and post-treatment tanks. For component finishing pure water is used for the final rinse, to wash away any remaining solutions and give spot-free, consistent results.

Solution Preparation

Prepare the perfect base for plating solutions. Pure water is an excellent solvent that is free from contaminants, allowing complete control over solution quality.

Solution Maintenance

Maintain plating baths for longer by removing particulate and organics that are introduced over time. Helping to prevent pitting and rough plating.

Perfect Rinse

Wash away excess solutions with pure water and prevent water spotting on dried components for a consistent and streak free final product.

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