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Herco High Production RO System


The Herco High Production RO System is skid mounted upon a vertical frame. Utilising 3 high quality 4040 membranes housed in sleek fibreglass vessels the system offers permeate flow rates up to 900 litres per hour with an average water recovery figure of 75-80%. The quiet multi-stage centrifugal pump produces a working pressure of 14 bar, to deliver an impressive average rejection rate of 97%.

Why Choose Our Herco High Production RO System?

  • Supplied completely pre-assembled and ready for installation
  • RO Digital control panel with conductivity meter as standard
  • High pressure multi-stage centrifugal pump
  • Both analogue and digital inputs/outputs

Need help with our Herco High Production RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


These cleverly constructed RO systems are designed with the operator in mind. The RO Digital control panel offers fully automatic monitoring and control of the unit, with a range of pre-programmed features. Allowing for further customisation the control panel has 2 additional programmable analogue inputs (e.g. for flow or level measurement), 3 universal digital inputs,  2 universal analogue outputs and 3 digital valve outputs (e.g. for concentrate flushing or permeate rejection and recirculation). The flexibility of this system makes it a great addition or upgrade to any plant room.

Suitable for a feed water TDS of up to 1000ppm and water temperatures of up to 35°C. As with all RO systems the permeate recovery and rejection figures depend on several factors such as feed water quality, temperature and the type of pre-treatment used. If your water hardness is over 100ppm it would be recommended to install a water softener prior to the system to prolong the life of the RO membranes. If you are feeding the system with chlorinated water then suitable carbon pre-treatment is recommended.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Filters In The Herco High Production RO System?
The 5 micron pre-filter should be changed when the gauges on the filter housing show a pressure differential of 1.5 bar. The RO membranes should be replaced when you notice a drop in permeate production or quality. With soft water, membranes can last up to 5 years however with extremely hard water (and no pre-treatment) membrane lifespan can be reduced to 12 months or less.

Key Product Information

  • Flow sensors for permeate, concentrate and concentrate recirculation
  • Control cabinet with lockable main switch and switch gear for pump
  • 75-80% Average recovery rate and 97% salt rejection rate
  • Supplied with 5 micron sediment pre-filter
  • 3 low energy 4040 RO membranes

Compatible Products

Need help with our Herco High Production RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Light Commercial, Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Humidifiers, Coffee Machines, Steamers, Boats, Caravans, Manufacturing, Steam Generation, Electroplating, Window Cleaning, Car Detailing

Supplied With

Stainless-steel Frame
RO Digital Control Panel
10” 5 Micron Large Diameter Sediment Filter
3 4040 Low Energy RO Membranes
High Pressure Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
Pre-Filter inlet/outlet Pressure Gauges
Pressure Sensors
Range of Valves
Flow Sensors


Width 605mm, Height 1810mm, Depth 810mm



Permeate Flow

900 Litres Per Hour


3 x 400V / 50Hz

Average Rejection Rate

Minimum 97%

Recovery Rate



4040 (Three Membranes)

Maximum TDS

1,000 mg/l

Water Temperature

Up To 35°C (Ambient Temperature 40°C)


Digital RO Controller

Max Operating Pressure

14 Bar (Feed Water Pressure Min/Max 2/6 Bar)

Feed Pressure

Minimum 4 Bar


Permeate/Concentrate Connection: DN20/15
Feed Water Connection: DN20


1 – 999 μS/cm

pH Range



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frank woolnough
frank woolnough
The first time using this site, and im more than pleasd with the service and delivery of the product. Will use again no problem.
Gary Kinsley
Gary Kinsley
Excellent service, fast delivery (although there was no urgency) and great after sales service from Becky who's very helpful and knowledgeable.
Eamonn Dorling
Eamonn Dorling
Prompt and well informed service
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
This company gives the best customer service I have EVER EXPERIENCED in the UK. If every company gave this much care and attention to their customers the UK would easily lead the world in business. Truly ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I cannot recommend enough Marco Crawford
Gary Barbour
Gary Barbour
The team were brilliant offering great advice, very knowledgeable on their products and I will definitely be using them again!
Alice Sefton
Alice Sefton
Really great service, I wasn't too sure what size of water filter to order so sent in a picture, the size was identified and the new filters were with me a day after purchase.
Jill and Garry Clark
Jill and Garry Clark
Excellent service.
Matthew Durdy
Matthew Durdy
Prompt service and follow up. Like it should be.
Resin cleaner turned up on time and worked as expected. Great service - Will use again
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