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Refillable DI Resin Filter Kit


Our Refillable DI Resin Filter Kit is used to produce small volumes of deionised water or as a ‘final polish’ stage after a reverse osmosis system (to bring the TDS down to 0). DI filters are popular for aquatics, dentistry, window cleaning, car detailing and many other applications that require small batches of pure water. The DI resin filter supplied with this kit is pre-filled with virgin MB-115 mixed bed de-ionising resin, once the resin inside is expended the cartridge can be opened, emptied and refilled which minimises plastic waste.

Why Choose Our Refillable DI Resin Filter Kit?

  • Use as a standalone system or as the ‘final polish’ after a reverse osmosis system
  • Refillable DI cartridge contains virgin mixed bed MB-115 deionising resin
  • Kit with housing, wall bracket, spanner and DI resin cartridge
  • Cartridge can be emptied and refilled with new resin

Need help with our Refillable DI Resin Filter Kit? Give us a call on 01622 933 853

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Deionising resin is a popular water treatment technology, as it removes all dissolved minerals leaving you with pure water. Our Refillable DI Resin Filter Kit makes producing small batches of deionised water easy. The kit comes complete with everything you need – a 10” clear filter housing (with 3/4” inlet and outlet), wall bracket, spanner and a refillable DI resin cartridge. Replacement DI resin is available to purchase separately in 1L and 25L volumes.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Resin In The Refillable DI Filter Cartridge?
The resin inside the filter has a finite life – so needs to be replaced when it is expended. We recommend using a TDS meter to test the quality of water produced and replace the resin when the TDS increases. On mains water (300ppm) you can expect approximately 65L of pure water before the resin is expended, where as with RO water (10ppm) you can expect up to 12,000L.

Key Product Information

  • High quality housing and refillable cartridge for multiple uses
  • Suitable post-filter for reverse osmosis systems
  • Quick and easy to refill DI filter cartridge
  • Complete kit ready to be installed
  • Produces pure water at 0ppm

Compatible Products

Need help with our Refillable DI Resin Filter Kit? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Aquatics, Light Commercial, Window Cleaning, Car Detailing, Autoclaves, Dentists

System Contents

1 x 10” Clear Filter Housing (3/4” Ports)
1 x 10” Refillable DI Resin Filter
1 x Mounting Bracket
1 x Spanner


Filter Housing: Height 315mm x Width 133mm x Depth 130mm
DI Cartridge: 10” Length x 2.5” Diameter

Flow Rate

0.5 Litres Per Minute


Mains Water (300ppm) – Approximately 65L
RO Water (10ppm) – Approximately 2,000L

End Cap Configuration

Double Open Ended (DOE)

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