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Dome Hole Vessels


Our Dome Hole Vessels offer the same characteristics as traditional water treatment vessels but with the addition of a 1.25” port, which allows you to check or add media without needing to remove the head. They are supplied as empty with a 2.5” neck opening (to accept industry standard heads and valves) and a Noryl plug is provided for the dome hole. The vessels are PED compliant, with each vessel cycle tested 250,000 times up to 10 Bar to ensure a durable and long-term solution. Dome Hole Vessels are particularly convenient for pH correction systems where media such as Juraperle dissolves as it is being used, which needs to be topped up occasionally.

Why Choose Our Dome Hole Vessels?

  • Suitable for use in drinking water applications
  • High operating pressures of up to 10 Bar
  • PED Compliant to EU 97/23/EC Directive
  • 1.25” dome hole with Noryl plug

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Water Treatment Vessels or ‘Pressure Vessels’ are commonly used in a variety of water treatment applications. They are usually filled with a type of loose media such as ion-exchange resin, carbon or pH correction media to name a few. Some media types such as Juraperle (which is used for pH correction) dissolve into the water, meaning they need to be topped up at intervals. With a traditional vessel this would involve removing the head or valve and internal distribution system which can be fiddly and time consuming. Our Dome Hole Vessels solve this problem, with an additional 1.25” port on the domed side of the vessel which means checking and refilling media is as quick and simple as unscrewing the threaded cap.

The standard 2.5” neck opening at the top of the vessel means it will accommodate industry standard valves and heads, so switching a traditional vessel out for a dome hole version couldn’t be easier.

Key Product Information:

  • Available in 10” x 54” (62.4L) and 13” x 54” (105.7L) sizes
  • Burst tested to 4 times max. operating pressure
  • Composite vessel with reinforced PE inner liner
  • Suitable for industrial and potable water
  • Standard 2.5” neck opening

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Need Help With Our Dome Hole Vessels? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Drinking Water, Domestic, Light Commercial, Industrial, Private Water Supplies, pH Correction

Supplied With

Composite Vessel With Base Stand
1.25” Noryl Threaded Plug For Dome Hole


10” x 54” Dome Hole Vessel: 62.4L
13” x 54” Dome Hole Vessel: 105.7L


2.5” Diameter Neck Opening
1.25” Diameter Dome Hole With Noryl Plug

Max Temperature


Max Pressure

10 Bar


European 97/23/EC Directive (For PED)
TUV Certified For Drinking Water Contact (Following EC Directives & KTW Recommendations)

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