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Water Hardness Test Kit


Our Water Hardness Test Kits are an easy to use, reliable way to measure the total hardness of your water. The test gives a total hardness reading in mg/l (ppm) which is used to determine whether water treatment is necessary. Readings above 100ppm indicate hard water, which can be effectively treated with a water softener to prevent harmful limescale build up in appliances and pipework.

Why Choose Our Water Hardness Test Kits?

  • Easy to use test to establish an accurate water hardness reading
  • Uses a renowned reagent testing method
  • Includes full instructions for use
  • Gives reading in mg/l or ppm

Need help with our Water Hardness Test Kits? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Water Hardness Test Kits come with everything you need to determine water hardness. This includes reagent solution, colour-change droplets and water sample tube. The test is carried out by taking a sample of your water, before adding the reagent solution drop-by-drop to change the colour of the water. The amount of drops required to change the colour of the water is then used to calculate your water hardness. This reading can then be used to program the valve of your water softener, which determines when and how often the unit will regenerate. It can also be used to establish whether or not existing treatment is working correctly.

Full instructions on how to carry out the test are available on the test kits packaging. For a short breakdown of hardness readings please see the specification tab for more information, or get in touch with a member of our team.

Key Product Information

  • Includes everything you need to determine water hardness in mg/l or ppm
  • Used to establish whether water treatment is required
  • Gives an accurate total hardness reading
  • Simple and easy to perform
  • Multiple uses per kit

Need help with our Water Hardness Test Kits? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Kit Contents

Reagent Solution
Colour-Change Droplets
Water Sample Tube

Hardness Readings

Soft 0-99ppm
Hard 100-299ppm
Very Hard 300-400ppm
Extremely Hard 400ppm And Above

frank woolnough
frank woolnough
The first time using this site, and im more than pleasd with the service and delivery of the product. Will use again no problem.
Gary Kinsley
Gary Kinsley
Excellent service, fast delivery (although there was no urgency) and great after sales service from Becky who's very helpful and knowledgeable.
Eamonn Dorling
Eamonn Dorling
Prompt and well informed service
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
This company gives the best customer service I have EVER EXPERIENCED in the UK. If every company gave this much care and attention to their customers the UK would easily lead the world in business. Truly ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I cannot recommend enough Marco Crawford
Gary Barbour
Gary Barbour
The team were brilliant offering great advice, very knowledgeable on their products and I will definitely be using them again!
Alice Sefton
Alice Sefton
Really great service, I wasn't too sure what size of water filter to order so sent in a picture, the size was identified and the new filters were with me a day after purchase.
Jill and Garry Clark
Jill and Garry Clark
Excellent service.
Matthew Durdy
Matthew Durdy
Prompt service and follow up. Like it should be.
Resin cleaner turned up on time and worked as expected. Great service - Will use again

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