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About Us

At Ultra Soft we specialise in the supply of high quality Water Softening, Water Treatment and Water Filtration products to the UK market. Established in the South East, Kent – we are all too familiar with the issues that can arise from being a naturally hard water area, with expertise in both domestic and commercial applications.

Who Are We?

We are a customer-first company that takes pride in providing high quality water treatment solutions, at competitive prices. It is our motivation to make water treatment accessible for all, removing the barriers to entry for the everyday customer. We are driven by our own personal experiences with hard water and the impact it has on our daily lives, from limescale build up in kettles to premature failure of expensive heating systems.

But What Is Hard Water? Hard water can be defined as water with a high mineral content, specifically Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg). Hard water is formed when water filters through deposits of Chalk, Limestone or Gypsum which will vary based on the geology of the region in which you live. In comparison, soft water tends to contain higher levels of Sodium (Na) or simply, higher levels of salt. If you are unsure of the water type in your area, please get in touch and we’d be happy to advise.

Issues caused by hard water inside the home and within commercial and industrial applications

Our Mission

Our mission is to employ a customer-first approach, that empowers customers with the knowledge to make an informed purchase. We aim to demystify the world of water softening and filtration through comprehensive and easy to read guides that can be found on our Knowledge Hub section, alongside resources available on every product page in the form of diagrams, data sheets and product manuals. No matter the extent of your existing knowledge, we hope there is always something you can take away when visiting us here at Ultra Soft.

Why Choose Ultra Soft?

  • Years of expertise in water softening which helps us pick only the best products for our customers
  • Customers save up to 50% on their original softener quotation when they order direct from us
  • Friendly and impartial phone, live chat and email support to guide you through our product range
  • No more hard sales tactics or confusing prices, transparent pricing and support

Our Products

Our products are hand-picked by an in house team of Water Filtration experts according to industry requirements and performance. Designed to service both retail and commercial applications, the majority of products hold a level of WRAS or FDA accreditation to give you peace of mind. We are also pleased to offer a number of accessories in the form of fixings, seals and connectors which allow for an efficient installation that meets the manufacturers specification.

Please note that we are able to supply a number of products that are not available under our standard product range. If you require a product you cannot find within our store, please do not hesitate to get in touch either over the phone, live chat or by email.

Customer testimonial

“Ultra Soft helped me to find a suitable Water Softener for my home which came in at almost 50% less than was originally quoted elsewhere, even after the cost of installation”

Anna Gould – Testimonial From Customer

Our Values

Our values are to provide unrivaled customer service, high quality products and comprehensive product support. We aim to do this by adopting these four values, as key to our everyday operations.

  • Customer Service – Our friendly customer service team are always happy to help with your enquiry, with a number of channels available to you as a customer in the form Email, Phone or Live Chat.

  • Knowledge – We want to empower you as the customer with the knowledge to make an informed decision, through help guides and our knowledge hub. We are also happy to provide advice relevant to your application, to give you peace of mind.

  • Product – Each and every product we offer has been carefully chosen according to it’s performance and against hundreds of common applications. In most cases this includes relevant accreditations from WRAS and FDA with product resources also readily available.

  • Professionalism – By offering a number of helpful guides, product resources, communication channels and an easy to use website, we aim to provide visibility on the level of professionalism we strive towards.

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Purchased a water softener system for my home after getting fed up with buying new appliances from excess scale build up. Since installation we’ve had no issues what-so-ever, taps are scale free and even my skin feels better!

Rachelle – Testimonial From Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had some technical questions about filtering/treating water from my well aswell as identifying some filters. Ultra soft were very helpful and got back to me with all the information I needed. I’d have no hesitation in using them again and fully recommend them to anyone wanting parts and technical help.

Rupert – Testimonial From Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ultra Soft Water Softener cartridges were already fitted to our house when we moved in last year but the previous owner left us no instruction about the system. I found the company name on the filter housing, a quick search latter and some very helpful people were able to explain what we had and were able to supply replacement filters.

Graham – Testimonial From Customer

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