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Vending & Catering

In Vending and Catering the quality of water used can not be compromised, with water making up over 98% of most beverages. Filtering and treating water is important not only to deliver the best tasting drinks, but to protect expensive equipment like coffee machines, urns and water coolers from damage. Many vending machine water filters contain elements which protect this equipment, by preventing the build up of harmful limescale.

What Technologies Are Available?

There are a few main technologies that are popular for drinks preparation. From sediment and chlorine control to improve the taste and appearance of beverages, to limescale control filters to protect expensive equipment. Treating the hardness of water is not only important to prolong the life of equipment but also to brew the perfect coffee, with the Speciality Coffee Association recommending water hardness between 50-175ppm for the perfect brew.

We have listed below our most popular product categories for the vending and catering market.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtration?

Filtration allows vendors to craft the perfect beverage, giving them control over the water that makes up such a vast proportion of the end product. It can also be used to prevent limescale formation in equipment such as coffee machines and urns which helps to protect against costly breakdowns.

Better Results

Impress even the fussiest of customer with perfect tasting hot and cold beverages, every time.

Less Downtime

Reduce energy consumption and costly down time by protecting against limescale build up.

Protect Appliances

Lower maintenance and equipment costs by preventing avoidable damage caused by hard water.

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