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Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors


Our Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors utilise tried and tested template assisted crystallisation (TAC) technology to prevent limescale formation in pipework, heating elements and on outlets. Considered an eco-friendly alternative to ion exchange water softeners these low maintenance systems require no electricity, no salt top ups and no access to a drain. Suitable for both point of use (e.g. feeding a hot water cylinder) and point of entry applications, these popular systems are commonly found in commercial settings such as hotels, offices, restaurants and cafes or in larger homes with high water demands.

Please note that all sizes feature BSP threaded ports and a built-in bypass valve. This makes both installation and routine maintenance as easy as possible.

Why Choose Our Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors?

  • Suitable for both point of entry and point of use scale control
  • Treated water is safe to drink with no elevated sodium levels
  • Eco-friendly alternative to an ion exchange water softener
  • Quick and easy to install thanks to built-in bypass

Need help with our Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


In many commercial settings there is a need to protect against damage caused by limescale, in order to prolong the life of appliances or to protect assets like boiling taps and urns. There are several reasons why it may not be feasible to install an ion exchange water softener in a commercial building, be that the footprint, installation requirements, maintenance schedule or even the elevated sodium content in softened water. In these situations, our Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors are the go-to solution. These unique water conditioners are compact, easy to install, require very little maintenance and the treated water is safe for drinking – all whilst giving you peace of mind that your building is protected from the ravages of hard water.

An Excellent Salt Free Water Softener Alternative
These systems work by converting scale forming molecules such as calcium and magnesium into inactive micro-crystals which float freely through pipes and heating systems without sticking to surfaces. The chemistry of the water remains unchanged, meaning people can still enjoy mineral rich drinking water without the associated problems of hard water. This technology is the first effective salt and chemical free limescale prevention method, which has been independently tested to 99.6% effectiveness using German DVGW protocol. In addition, replacement media costs less on average than running an ion exchange water softener.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Media In These Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors?
The TAC media in our salt free scale inhibitors needs to be replaced approximately every 3 years.

Key Product Information

  • Prevents limescale formation and clears existing scale deposits in your pipework
  • Independently tested up to 99.6% efficiency using German DVGW protocol
  • Small footprint systems with no access to electricity or a drain required
  • Assembled using WRAS approved components
  • Low cost replacement media packs available

Need help with our Commercial Salt Free Scale Inhibitors? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Office, Scale Inhibitor, Limescale Control, Boiler Taps, Glass Washing, Food & Beverage, Coffee Machines, Vending & Retail

Port Size

SFI-817: 3/4” Male BSP
SFI-835: 1” Male BSP
SFI-935: 1” Male BSP
SFI-1035: 1” Male BSP
SFI-1054: 1” Male BSP
SFI-1252: 1” Male BSP

Flow Rates

SFI-817: 15 Litres Per Minute
SFI-835: 38 Litres Per Minute
SFI-935: 45 Litres Per Minute
SFI-1035: 60 Litres Per Minute
SFI-1054: 75 Litres Per Minute
SFI-1252: 113 Litres Per Minute


SFI-817: 203mm Diameter, 431mm Height (508mm Height With Valve)
SFI-835: 203mm Diameter, 889mm Height (977mm Height With Valve)
SFI-935: 203mm Diameter, 889mm Height (977mm Height With Valve)
SFI-1035: 254mm Diameter, 889mm Height (977mm Height With Valve)
SFI-1054: 254mm Diameter, 1371mm Height (1460mm Height With Valve)
SFI-1252: 304mm Diameter, 1320mm Height (1409mm Height With Valve)

Max Water Hardness


Operating Temperature

5⁰C – 43⁰C

Max Pressure



WRAS Approved & WQA Gold Seal Media
WRAS Approved Water Treatment Vessel

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