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Water Softeners In Kent

Looking For Water Softeners In Kent? The majority of towns and villages in Kent have what can be described as ”very hard water” which is water that contains over 300 parts per million (ppm) of hardness minerals per litre. The reason for this is the large amount of chalk and limestone found in Kent and the surrounding areas (we’re looking at you – white cliffs of Dover). Water hardness is measured by the mineral content, which increases when water passes through permeable rock and picks up mineral deposits like Calcium and Magnesium.

Is Kent A Hard Water Area?

It might come as no surprise that Kent is in fact a hard water area. The average reading is between 200-300 parts per million, which is enough to cause significant limescale deposits on and within your water-using appliances (think your kettle, shower heads and combi boiler). The local water board for Kent is South East Water who offer a water hardness checker on their website which you may find useful, just enter your postcode to find out.

Hard Water Areas In Kent

Hard Water Areas In Kent

Moderately Hard (151-200PPM)
Tunbridge Wells
New Romney

Hard (201-300PPM)

Very Hard (Over 300PPM)
Herne Bay

What Are The Effects Of Hard Water?

The effects of hard water in Kent are considerable, with homes in hard or very hard water areas accumulating limescale at a rate of up to 70kg per year. This amount of limescale can cause a number of problems, some of which are visible and others that are not so visible (such as build up in your pipework and boiler).

  • Increased Costs – When hard water is heated a hard scale quickly forms, something that is especially notable in your kettle. Where this can really increase costs however, is inside your boiler. Research has shown that just 1.6mm of limescale build up is enough to cause a 12% drop in heating efficiency. This efficiency drop leads to increased heating bills and a reduced efficiency in your home.

  • Reduced Efficiency – Hard water not only reduces the efficiency of your boiler, but any other water-using appliances. These include kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, irons and steamers. Over time limescale builds up inside the appliance which not only reduces its efficiency, but greatly impacts its lifespan, leading to early replacement.

  • Skin Irritation – Washing with hard water is known to cause skin irritation, with direct links between hard water and the development of eczema symptoms. Not only that, but it can leave your hair feeling dry and frizzy, which is due to hardness minerals left over after washing.

Feeding a boiler with softened water helps to maintain 100% efficiency over 15 years, with as little as 1.6mm of limescale reducing boiler efficiency by up to 12%

How Can You Combat Hard Water?

Softening your water is a well known solution to tackle hard water at the source. This allows you to remove the hardness minerals from your incoming water and even break down pre-existing limescale build up within pipework and appliances.

The most effective way to soften the water that feeds your home is by installing a Water Softener. These devices can be installed out of sight in a cupboard, or under your sink and are available to suit homes of all sizes. Our range of Domestic Water Softeners feature clever water monitoring technology, which adapts to the typical water usage of the property. This ensures that once installed, you can benefit from a consistent flow of softened water.

If you’re from Kent and are looking for a way to combat the effects of hard water, why not check out our range of guides below. These cover everything from the benefits of installation, to things you need to think about to help choose the right system.

Want To Find Out Your Water Hardness?

If you live in Kent and want to find out your exact water hardness, then you’re in the right place! We are pleased to offer Free Water Hardness Testing for our customers, combined with a comprehensive report that gives you an insight into how hard water is impacting your home. Simply fill out the short survey and we’ll send a water sample test kit in the post with a free return postage label. Once we’ve received your sample, we’ll test your water hardness and complete your report within 24 hours.

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