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Industrial & Manufacturing

The industrial and manufacturing markets encompass a huge range of industries from automotive to chemical production and general engineering. It is important to ensure that water using processes are efficient and that integral systems like cooling loops are properly maintained. Whether you are looking for a side stream or full flow solution for your business, we are sure to have what you are looking for.

What Technologies Are Available?

Almost all water treatment and filtration technologies can be found in industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications. Whether on process lines, closed loop systems or incoming water feeds, there are many areas where businesses can benefit from filtering and treating their water.

Process Lines – Where water is added to a product as part of the manufacturing process and for the production of chemicals and resins, filtration is key to consistent quality. Particularly where water is used for misting and humidification, protection of expensive equipment and spray nozzles is important to prevent blockages and costly downtime.

Closed Loops – Closed loop heating and cooling systems are often maintained using filtration and chemical dosing to prevent corrosion, sediment build up and to maintain efficiency. Generally involving either side stream systems which typically draw 10-15% of the system volume or full flow systems.

Incoming Water – Incoming water can contain problematic chemicals and minerals for industrial and manufacturing processes. From hardness that can reduce the efficiency of boilers and increase blowdown frequency to chemicals like chlorine which may affect sensitive processes.

Below we have highlighted some of our most popular product categories for industrial and manufacturing applications.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtration?

There are a number of benefits to filtering or treating water used for industrial processes and manufacturing. From increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, to general asset maintenance. Industrial water filters come in many shapes and sizes, from full systems to protect against limescale, to point of use sediment reduction.

Improve Consistency

Deliver consistent end products and give process engineers peace of mind when it comes to water quality.

Protect Equipment

Save time and money by protecting water using machinery from damage caused by hard water and sediment.

Maintain Efficiency

Maintain the efficiency of heating and cooling systems by preventing scale and sediment throughout the pipe network.

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