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6 Stage UV RO System


Our 6 Stage UV RO System removes dissolved contaminants from your water to produce excellent quality drinking water, with the additional benefits of an integrated UV system to destroy bacteria and viruses. Utilising 6 stages of filtration including a sediment pre filter, granular and carbon block filters, reverse osmosis membrane, UV system and carbon post-filter this unit offers an all-in-one solution to tackle the most common problems with drinking water.

With consumers becoming more aware of what is in their water many people employ multiple systems to treat their water. The 6 Stage UV RO system features all the most popular technologies in a single unit, neatly mounted onto a frame with a small footprint. Supplied with everything you need to get started and clear instructions the system can be installed without any plumbing experience.

Why Choose Our 6 Stage UV RO System?

  • Produces high quality contaminant free drinking water
  • Multiple water treatment technologies in one compact system
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • UV system to kill bacteria and viruses

Need help with our 6 Stage UV RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


With 6 stages of filtration this system produces the very best quality drinking water by removing chemical, physical and micro-biological contaminants from your water. Using the same tried and tested technology as our other reverse osmosis systems but featuring a built-in UV system to destroy bacteria and viruses to give you added peace of mind. Designed to run off mains pressure as low as 1 bar, the 6 Stage UV RO System features an integrated booster pump to increase efficiency and enable it to produce high quality water even in properties with low incoming mains pressure. The 12L storage tank supplied ensures that water is ready to dispense from the mini-tap on demand.

This system removes whole host of contaminants from your water by up to 99% including Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Nitrates, Fluoride, Cyanide, Hormones, Asbestos, PFOS, Mercury, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Calcium, Arsenic and much more. Customers with extremely hard water who have a water softener would choose a reverse osmosis system to remove excess sodium from their drinking water, eliminating the need to keep a hard water line for drinking. Purified water is also ideal for your kettle, boiler tap and coffee machine as it protects your appliances from scale formation.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Filters In The 6 Stage UV RO System?
The sediment filter, granular carbon pre-filter, carbon block filter and carbon post-filter should be changed every six months. The RO membrane should be replaced every 2-3 years if you have soft water, or every 1-2 years if you have hard water. The UV bulb should be replaced annually and the quartz sleeve that surrounds the bulb only if damaged.

Key Product Information:

  • Supplied with everything you need to get started
  • Assembled on a high-quality powder-coated frame
  • Suitable for customers with low incoming water pressure
  • 6 stages to produce excellent quality drinking water
  • Easy installation with no plumbing experience required

Need help with our 6 Stage UV RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Home & Office, Light Commercial, Aquariums, Food & Beverage, Drinking Water, Restaurants, Humidifiers, Coffee Machines, Steamers, Boats, Caravans

Supplied With

12.1L Water Storage Tank
Stainless Steel 304 Faucet
10” 5 Micron Sediment Filter
10” Granular Activated Carbon Filter
10” Carbon Block Filter
75GPD RO Membrane
Push Fit Carbon Post-Filter
Built In UV System (Including UV Bulb)
LF-30L Pump
24V Adaptor
Installation Instructions


Height 530mm, Width 500mm, Depth 380mm

Flow Rate

280 Litres Per Day (75 Gallons)

RO Type


Average Rejection Rate


Feed Pressure

Minimum 1 Bar

Excellent service highly recommend will use again
David Keys
David Keys
Prompt delivery and a great product
Brian O'Neill
Brian O'Neill
Great service. It’s was delivered very quickly! Highly recommend!
Lovely company to deal with and prompt delivery. I'm in the scottish highlands and they recognised that post is better than courier for rural deliveries.
A wide range of filters ( and UV bulbs) available. Extremely prompt delivery at a very competitive price. Great follow up customer care too.
George Santis
George Santis
Ordered two wound sediment filters which I found to be a very good quality products and very fast delivery. Extremly friendly customer service. I recomend to anyone.
Alistair MacLean
Alistair MacLean
I bought the wound sediment filters. I found the filters arrived very quickly. It was later followed by a courtesy call to make sure the product was received and correct. Just fitted the filter and it is working very well. Very friendly customer service, would not hesitate to reorder from them in the future.
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
NOT JUST excellent, but also highly technically competent, customer service, all served up with courtesy and good humour. To be recommended without fear or favour. I'm hooked as their customer, where replacement cartridges are need.
Ivo Hesmondhalgh
Ivo Hesmondhalgh
Speedy delivery, very helpful staff. I needed to return the attachment devices and they were very helpful and refunded me within days
scott cornwell
scott cornwell
Placed my order online but they still rang me to make sure I had ordered the correct items and to make sure I hadn't made a mistake when ordering. Fantastic service highly recommended. Thanks
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