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Fluoride Removal Media Filters


Our Fluoride Removal Media Filters contain a specialist ion exchange resin that selectively targets and removes fluoride, reducing it to safe levels (under 1mg/l). These 10” cartridges fit most standard filter housings and can be used as a single stage of filtration or as part of a filtration cascade. Suitable for use with drinking water and for aquatics applications, the fluoride media inside these filters is NSF/ANSI 61 Certified and has a WQA gold seal of approval.

Why Choose Our Fluoride Removal Filters?

  • Reduces fluoride to safe levels (under 1mg/l)
  • Contains specialist fluoride removal resin
  • Fits most standard 10” filter housings
  • Suitable for use with drinking water

Need help with our Fluoride Removal Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853

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Excess fluoride levels in drinking water is a growing concern, with levels over 1.5mg/l being harmful to health and potentially leading to dental or even skeletal fluorosis. These Fluoride Removal Media Filters use a specialist resin to reduce the amount of fluoride in your water, lowering it to 1mg/l or less (desirable levels for drinking water). The resin beads inside the filter attract the negatively charged fluoride ions and remove them from the water. These filters are also popular for aquatics applications, where fluoride toxicity is a concern. As with any media cartridge, it is recommended to flush the filter before use and remove any sediment that may be present in the water beforehand using a sediment filter.

How Often Do I Need To Replace These Fluoride Removal Filters?
These filters should be replaced every six months.

Key Product Information

  • Filter pads at either end of cartridge to prevent media migration
  • Integrated gasket for a positive seal with the filter housing
  • Suitable for fluoride levels as high as 10mg/l
  • Removes fluoride using ion exchange
  • 6 month filter lifespan

Compatible Products

Need help with our Fluoride Removal Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Drinking Water, Aquatics, Domestic, Home & Office, Food & Beverage, Light Commercial, Boats, Caravans

Flow Rate

5 Litres Per Minute

Product Dimensions

10” Regular Diameter (10” x 2.5”)

End Cap Configuration

Double Open Ended (DOE)

Max Operating Temperature



WQA Approved Gold Seal

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