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Duplex Commercial Water Softener


Our Duplex Commercial Water Softeners are designed for demanding commercial and industrial requirements, where softened water is required continuously without downtime for regeneration. The intelligent metered valve measures water usage and switches flow from tank-to-tank only when capacity in the first tank has been reached, helping to reduce waste water and lowering running costs. Available in a range of resin volumes to suit flow rates up to 5,700 litres per hour, all supplied as dual tank systems that draw from a single brine tank.

If you are looking for a Duplex Water Softener with a flow rate greater than 5,700 litres per hour, larger port sizes or a triplex unit then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Why Choose Our Duplex Commercial Water Softeners?

  • Duplex softener operates on duty/standby principle for continuous softened water
  • High performance system for involved commercial and industrial applications
  • Highly programmable WRAS approved Pentair Autotrol 278 valve
  • Peak flow rates up to 5,700 litres per hour

Need help with our Duplex Commercial Water Softeners? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Duplex Commercial Water Softeners are popular for commercial and industrial customers who require high volumes of soft water 24 hours a day. Unlike a simplex softener which has downtime for regeneration during which hard water is supplied, duplex softeners automatically switch between the two softening tanks to ensure a constant supply of soft water without downtime. This makes them popular for hotels, laundrettes, boiler feeds and demanding industrial processes. Controlled by WRAS listed Pentair Autotrol 278 valves, the system is programmed to your exact water hardness to maximise efficiency.

Our range of water softeners have been selected by our team of experts because of their reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance requirements. Duplex softeners come partially assembled and are supplied with premium food grade softening resin which offers an average lifespan of 15 years under normal operating conditions.

What Maintenance Is Required With Duplex Commercial Water Softeners?
These systems are designed to run with minimum maintenance and as such do not usually require much adjustment or work. The salt level should be checked once per week and topped up if low. During the weekly salt check it is recommended to check the general condition of the water softener to ensure there is no damage or leaks. Many customers test their water every 6-12 months for peace of mind that their water softener is operating effectively.

Key Product Information:

  • Single freestanding brine tank makes topping up salt easy
  • Intelligent metered valve for maximum efficiency
  • Supplied partially assembled for ease of shipping
  • Cycle tested, durable polyglass resin vessels
  • High capacity food grade softening resin

Compatible Products

Need help with our Duplex Commercial Water Softeners? Give us a call on 01622 933 853



75L Duplex Dimensions: 13″ x 54″ Vessel
100L Duplex Dimensions: 14″ x 65″ Vessel
125L Duplex Dimensions: 14″ x 65″ Vessel
150L Duplex Dimensions: 16″ x 65″ Vessel
200L Duplex Dimensions: 18″ x 65″ Vessel

Suitable For

Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial

Power Supply

Mains Powered

Valve Type


Port Sizes

Inlet/Outlet: 1" Female
Drain: 3/4"

Feed Pressure

1.5 To 8 Bar

Operating Pressure

20 To 120 Psi

Max Flow Rate

75L: 3,000 Litres Per Hour
100L: 4,000 Litres Per Hour
125L: 5,000 Litres Per Hour
150L: 5,700 Litres Per Hour
200L: 5,700 Litres Per Hour

Water Temperature

2-38 C

Salt Usage

75L: 11.25kg
100L: 15kg
125L: 18.75kg
150L: 22.5kg
200L: 30kg

Salt Type



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Duplex Water Softener Comparison Table

Salt delivery , great price & good communication regarding delivery time.
Leslie Braunton
Leslie Braunton
Excelkent service and quick delivery
Paulie L.
Paulie L.
Excellent product and a wonderful customer service
Reece Baker
Reece Baker
Great Company, website is easy to use and delivery arrived on time. I would recommend.
Karl P
Karl P
Presales support using chat was excellent. The product was reasonably priced, arrived quickly and worked well. Will definitely use them again. Highly recommended...
Jacksandmatt Rooke
Jacksandmatt Rooke
Great website, very easy to use. Ordered 4 wound sediment filters for our rainwater harvesting tank. Made in the UK and a great value price. Delivered promptly and followed up with a call to make sure all was good. Would definitely recommend.
Simon Hallworth
Simon Hallworth
Prompt delivery and well priced water filters
Iain Allison
Iain Allison
Fantastic company to deal with super easy website and very fast delivery.
Roddy Watt
Roddy Watt
Very good and quick service even up in the far north of Scotland where we very often do not get delivered to or have to pay extra for no extra cost
Narinder Rayit
Narinder Rayit
Sarah at Ultra Soft Water Softeners helped to identify a suitable JG replacement connector for tri-flow water filter system. She went extra mile to make sure it was the right one. Really pleased with the service. Even called me to ensure the item was delivered and worked which it did. Thank you & well done.

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