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De-Ionising Resin


Our ‘De-Ionising’ or DI Resin is used to remove all dissolved solids (TDS) from your water, producing pure water at 0ppm. It utilises a blend of strong acid cations and strong base anions (otherwise known as mixed bed) to produce high purity water with extremely low conductivity. Our 100% virgin mixed bed resin has a WQA gold seal of approval and is available in two formulas, to suit either hard or soft water. Choosing the right formula for your water profile allows you to maximise the life of your resin.

PMB-115 – For Soft Water (<250ppm)
PMB-151 – For Hard Water  (>250ppm)

Why Choose Our De-Ionising Resin?

  • 100% Virgin (non-regenerated) mixed bed DI resin
  • Supplied in a strong tear resistant bag
  • Used to produce pure water at 0ppm
  • Available in either 25L or 1L bags

Need help with our De-Ionising Resin? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


De-ionising resin is commonly used either after a reverse osmosis system to ‘polish’ off any remaining TDS, or as a single stage solution to produce small batches of pure water. It is most often used inside a refillable filter cartridge or in a water treatment vessel. The use of DI resin is popular in all pure water applications including distilling, dentistry, pure water cleaning, aquatics and laboratory use to name a few.

Our mixed bed DI resin is available in two formulas, designed with differing blends of cation and anion resins to suit either hard or soft feed water. This allows you to extend the service life of your DI resin by specifically targeting the types of dissolved ions in your water.

How Often Do I Need To Change This De-Ionising Resin?
The DI resin will need replacing when the quality of water produced is no longer suitable for your application. For pure water cleaning this is usually 10ppm or above. You can monitor the quality of your water using a TDS meter, or for an estimation of how long your DI resin will last you can use our capacity calculator linked below.

Key Product Information

  • Advanced mixed bed resin for removal of ionic contamination
  • Suitable for both single stage and post RO applications
  • Hard and soft water blends to maximise resin life
  • 1L resin removes ~30,000TDS
  • WQA gold seal of approval

Compatible Products


Need help with our De-Ionising Resin? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Pure Water Cleaning, Dentists, Autoclaves, Steam Generation, Light Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Surface Finishing, Lithium Ion Batteries


PMB-151 (1 Litres), PMB-151 (25 Litres), PMB-115 (1 Litres), PMB-115 (25 Litres)


Amber Spherical Beads

Functional Groups

Sulfonic acid/Quaternary Ammonium Type 1
H+ / OH- Ionic Form

Polymer Matrix Structure

Gel Polystyrene Cross-Linked With Divinylbensene (DVB)

Resin Type

Mixed Bed De-Ionising Resin (Strong Acid Cation And Strong Base Anion)

Operating Temperature


pH Range


Minimum Bed Depth


Salt delivery , great price & good communication regarding delivery time.
Leslie Braunton
Leslie Braunton
Excelkent service and quick delivery
Paulie L.
Paulie L.
Excellent product and a wonderful customer service
Reece Baker
Reece Baker
Great Company, website is easy to use and delivery arrived on time. I would recommend.
Karl P
Karl P
Presales support using chat was excellent. The product was reasonably priced, arrived quickly and worked well. Will definitely use them again. Highly recommended...
Jacksandmatt Rooke
Jacksandmatt Rooke
Great website, very easy to use. Ordered 4 wound sediment filters for our rainwater harvesting tank. Made in the UK and a great value price. Delivered promptly and followed up with a call to make sure all was good. Would definitely recommend.
Simon Hallworth
Simon Hallworth
Prompt delivery and well priced water filters
Iain Allison
Iain Allison
Fantastic company to deal with super easy website and very fast delivery.
Roddy Watt
Roddy Watt
Very good and quick service even up in the far north of Scotland where we very often do not get delivered to or have to pay extra for no extra cost
Narinder Rayit
Narinder Rayit
Sarah at Ultra Soft Water Softeners helped to identify a suitable JG replacement connector for tri-flow water filter system. She went extra mile to make sure it was the right one. Really pleased with the service. Even called me to ensure the item was delivered and worked which it did. Thank you & well done.

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