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Medical Water Treatment

In the medical sector water treatment and filtration is used in many departments including Renal Dialysis, Sterile Services and Estates. With each department facing unique challenges when it comes to water, there are countless products used often in multiple stage systems to ensure the water quality meets requirements.

What Technologies Are Available?

Renal Dialysis – In dialysis applications pure water is required for patients to be dialysed, most renal wards will have their own ‘ring main’ RO system which produces pure water and feeds multiple beds. With more patients now receiving dialysis at home, renal departments often now own a range of portable medical RO systems. All of these systems require sediment and carbon pre-filters as well as reverse osmosis membranes to operate.

Sterile Services – In this important department where equipment and surgical instruments used throughout the hospital are sent to be cleaned, water must be purified and bacteria free. This is to prevent any bacteria or mineral deposits being left behind on instruments once cleaned. Autoclaves and re-processing equipment have strict feedwater requirements, often meaning sediment filters, carbon filters and RO systems are required.

Estates – In this department the men and women behind the scenes oversee the general operation of the hospital building and its assets. Often looking after important equipment such as boreholes, steam boilers and water storage tanks where water softening or sediment removal at the point of entry is beneficial.

Below we have linked some of our most popular product categories for the medical market:


What Are The Benefits Of Filtration?

There are a number of benefits to treating or filtering water in medical settings including protecting patients, general maintenance, preventing legionella, maintaining appliances and increasing energy efficiency of the hospital.

Protect Patients

Treating water is essential for important procedures such as renal dialysis. Ensuring water is pure and free from contaminants like chlorine is paramount to patient health.

Reduce Bills

Heating hard water costs more both in energy and repairs. Leading to premature breakdowns of expensive to replace appliances and equipment.

Equipment Warranty

Many manufacturers of medical equipment stipulate the water quality required for their machine. Without proper filtration you could void important warranties.

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