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Pentair Iron Removal Filters


Our Iron Removal Filters are manufactured by Pentair and contain specialist media to oxidise and remove dissolved iron from water. Available as a 20” large diameter cartridge (4.5” diameter) these filters effectively treat dissolved iron at concentrations of up to 3ppm. When installed at the point of entry, the filter also reduces the possibility of damage to pipework and water heaters, whilst eliminating the orange and brown staining in sinks and toilets associated with high levels of iron.

Why Choose Our Iron Removal Filters?

  • Genuine Pentair Iron Removal Cartridge
  • Fits all 20” large diameter housings (4.5”)
  • Reduces dissolved iron by up to 90%
  • Suitable for use with drinking water

Need help with our Iron Removal Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Our Iron Removal Filters are an easy-to-use solution to treat dissolved iron, they work by oxidising iron to form particulate which is then held in the filter matrix and as such removed from the water. Iron is commonly found in private water supplies and in corroded pipework, which can cause a number of complications including staining and poor tasting drinking water. These filters are designed to fit inside a standard 20″ large diameter (4.5″ diameter) filter housing, which enables it to be installed at the point of entry to a property and sit inline with existing pipework.

It is recommended to use our Iron Removal Filters as part of a 3 stage system consisting of:

  1. 5 Micron Sediment Filter
  2. Iron Removal Filter
  3. Carbon Filter

By using these filters in the 3 stage cascade above you can maximise the lifespan of the filter by protecting it from particulate build up. The carbon filter improves results further, polishing any remaining colour, taste and odour from the water which ensures it is desirable for drinking.

How Often Do I Need To Change These Iron Removal Filters?
This depends on the concentration of iron in your water supply, the higher the iron concentration the shorter the lifespan of the filter. Below is a guide as to what you can expect at different concentrations of iron:

At 1ppm iron the average lifespan is 300,000L (Approximately 320 days of use in a home with 4 occupants)
At 2ppm iron the average lifespan is 150,000L (Approximately 160 days of use in a home with 4 occupants)
At 3ppm iron the average lifespan is 98,000L (Approximately 104 days of use in a home with 4 occupants)

Key Product Information:

  • Double open ended with gasket for positive seal in filter housing
  • Fits industry standard 20” large diameter housings
  • Recommended to use as part of a 3 stage system
  • Reduces dissolved iron up to 3ppm
  • Suitable for private water supplies

Compatible Products:

Need help with our Iron Removal Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853



20” Large Diameter (20” x ~4.5”)

Flow Rate

23 Litres Per Minute

Operating Conditions

pH: >7.0
Silica: <100ppm
Iron: <3ppm
Manganese: <1ppm
Iron Bacteria: None
Hydrogen Sulphide: None

End Cap Configuration

Double Open Ended (DOE)


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