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High Flow Tankless RO System


Our High Flow Tankless RO System is designed to produce up to 1,500 litres per day of RO water whilst keeping the system footprint and operating costs to a minimum. Suited to light commercial applications such as beverage production, ice making, pure water cleaning and manufacturing processes. It features 3 stages of pre-filtration including a sediment filter, granular carbon and carbon block filter followed by a series of 5 100GPD membranes and a final carbon post-filter. The system produces on average 1 litre per minute of reverse osmosis water. Supplied as a complete kit with all components pre-assembled on a neat frame, with a small footprint of just 240mm x 500mm making it suitable for space sensitive installations.

Why Choose Our High Flow Tankless RO System?

  • Produces up to 1,500 litres per day of purified water
  • Complete kit with manual ready to be installed
  • Mounted on a frame with a small footprint
  • Direct flow RO system (no storage tank)

Need help with our High Flow Tankless RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


This cost effective, easy to install reverse osmosis system is a fantastic solution for businesses looking to move away from buying drums of purified water or to upsize a smaller RO system. The clever design makes this system both easy to operate and suitable for intermittent use, making it popular for batch processes like manufacturing or food and beverage production. Direct flow systems are preferred over those with storage tanks in commercial applications as the water is produced on demand, eliminating possible risks of storing water in a bladder tank which can be a concern during extended periods of non-use or shut down over holiday seasons.

With average rejection rates between 95-99% the High Flow Tankless RO System produces quality purified RO water with low TDS. It is supplied as standard with a stainless steel faucet for dispensing the filtered water, although this can be bypassed and the pure water fed directly into a processing tank or to an appliance. A De-Ionising stage can easily be added to the outlet of this system, to ‘polish’ off any remaining TDS to give 0ppm de-ionised water where high purity water is required such as for micro-electronics, autoclaves and lead-acid batteries.

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How Often Do I Need To Replace The Filters In The High Flow Tankless RO System?
The sediment filter, granular carbon pre-filter, carbon block pre-filter and carbon post-filter should be changed every six months. The RO membrane should be replaced ever 2-3 years if you have soft water, or every 1-2 years if you have hard water.

Key Product Information

  • Water can be dispensed via the supplied faucet or fed directly into a tank or appliance
  • Frame-mounted free-standing light commercial reverse osmosis system
  • Suitable for removing excess sodium from drinking water
  • Integrated booster pump to increase water production
  • Comes with 2 year manufacturers warranty

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Need help with our High Flow Tankless RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Home, Office, Aquariums, Food & Beverage, Vending, Coffee Machines, Autoclaves, Dentistry, Ice Making, Humidifiers, Steamers, Manufacturing

Supplied With

Pre-Assembled Frame Mounted System
20” 5 Micron Sediment Filter
20” Granular Carbon Filter
20” Carbon Block Filter
5 x 100GPD RO Membrane
500GPD Booster Pump & UK Plug
10” Inline Carbon Post-Filter
Stainless Steel Drinking Water Faucet
Pressure Gauge


Height 800mm
Width 240mm
Depth 500mm

Average Rejection Rate


Minimum Water Pressure

2 Bar

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