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DI Resin Capacity Calculator

Want to know how many litres of pure water your DI resin can produce? Use our calculator below for a quick and easy result. You will need to know the volume of DI resin that you would like to calculate the capacity for, as well as the feed water TDS. If you are unsure of how to use the calculator then follow the guide below to learn more.

DI Resin Capacity Calculator

*Based on TDS removal capacity of 30,000ppm per litre

DI Water Usage By Application:
Car Washing (Final Rinse): 30-50L
Window Cleaning (Water Fed Pole): 20L
Aquarium Water Change: 10L
Small Autoclave: 3L

Want To Work Out Cost Per Litre?
Resin Volume Cost ÷ Total Capacity In Litres = Price Per Litre Of DI Water

How To Use The DI Resin Calculator?

If you are unsure of how to use our DI resin calculator, then follow this brief guide which will give you more detail on each step. This way you can ensure your calculation is both accurate and reliable.

Resin Volume: This field is where you should enter the total volume of DI resin inside your vessel or cartridge. If you are unsure of what to enter then you can sometimes find this information on the product label. If not, please get in touch with a member of our team or contact your original supplier.

Feed Water TDS: Here you should enter the TDS of the water feeding your DI resin. The TDS of your feed water determines the amount of dissolved solids it contains. The higher the figure, the more dissolved solids there are inside your water. This is usually measured using a TDS Meter which gives a quick and easy reading in parts per million.

Total Capacity In Litres: This field outputs the amount of DI water you can expect to produce from the volume of resin previously entered. You can use this figure to estimate costs per litre and to determine whether or not pre-treatment could be worthwhile. Pre-treatment options include the use of an RO to reduce the feed water TDS. Speak to a member of our team if you want to learn more about ways that you can maximise the lifespan of your DI resin.

Calculating Cost Per Litre: To calculate the cost per litre of DI water you can use the equation shown next to the calculator. All you need to work this out is the cost of the resin volume entered (for example 8 litres – £50). This can then be divided from the output capacity to give the total cost per litre.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

What Is DI Resin?

De-Ionising (DI) resin is a water treatment media used for producing pure water. Commonly found as ‘mixed bed’ resin, a mixture of cation and anion resin beads, which remove all positively and negatively charged ions from your water. DI resin can be used as a single stage solution for pure water production, or as a ‘final polish’ after an RO system. Typical applications include car detailing, water fed pole window cleaning, aquatics, electroplating, beverage production and autoclaves.

What Are Vessels?

Water treatment vessels, otherwise known as ‘pressure vessels’ are used to contain resin or media. They are designed to be easy to use, with threaded inlet and outlet connections on the head that can be easily adapted with push-fittings or hose connectors. Inside each vessel is a specialist distribution system which features a series of filter screens to ensure that the resin or media stays inside the vessel and does not flow out with the treated water.

Ultra Shine DI Vessel Shot
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