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Inline DI Resin Filters


Our Inline DI Resin Filters are the perfect solution for producing small batches of de-ionised water. They are commonly used either stand-alone or after a reverse osmosis system, to ‘polish’ off any remaining TDS and ensure 0ppm pure water for your application. These filters are supplied pre-filled with high quality de-ionising resin and with convenient 1/4” female push fit connections for quick and easy installation.

Why Choose Our Inline DI Resin Filter?

  • Pre-filled in-line DI resin filter for pure water production
  • Re-fillable filter body can be opened and replenished
  • Popular for aquatics and dentistry applications
  • Female 1/4″ push fit connections as standard

Need help with our Inline DI Resin Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853

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De-ionising resin is often used for producing pure, de-ionised water with no dissolved solids and low conductivity – perfect for a range of applications including aquatics, dentistry and lead acid batteries. Our Inline DI Resin Filters are suitable for use as a single stage solution where low volumes of pure water are required, or to polish off any remaining TDS after an RO system. The filter body can be opened and re-filled, helping to save on plastic waste when the resin inside is expended.

These inline filters are supplied pre-filled, using our own high-quality MB-115 mixed bed De-ionising Resin. They feature 1/4” NPT threaded connections, but we supply two adaptors with each filter to allow you to convert the inlet/outlet to 1/4” push fit (to accommodate the flexible tubing often used post-RO or with inline filter systems).

How Often Do I Need To Change These Inline DI Resin Filters?
These filters should be changed when the water quality produced no longer meets your requirements (such as when the TDS begins to increase). Remember that these filters can be emptied and re-filled, helping to save on plastic waste and keep your running costs down.

Key Product Information

  • Inline filter design eliminates the need for a filter housing
  • Quick and easy to install thanks to push-fit adaptors
  • Produces de-ionised water with low conductivity
  • High quality MB-115 mixed bed DI Resin
  • Suitable for post-RO applications

Compatible Products

Need help with our Inline DI Resin Filter? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Pure Water Applications, Fishkeeping & Aquatics, Light Commercial, Dentists, Autoclaves, Reverse Osmosis

Product Dimensions

2" x 10"


10 Inch


1/4" Push Fit Connections

Flow Rate

0.25 Litres Per Minute


Approx. 7,500ppm

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