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Industrial Water Softener


We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of simplex, duplex and triplex water softeners for the industrial market. Whether you already know what you are looking for, or would like some guidance from our experienced team – you’re in the right place. Our industrial range of water softeners have been selected based on their WRAS approved control valves, durability and design simplicity. Catering for flow rates from 4,000 litres per hour up to 56,000 litres per hour in simplex, duplex or triplex configurations. With the option to choose between various market-leading control valves including Clack and Autotrol allowing us to tailor each softener based on individual project requirements.

Why Choose Our Industrial Water Softeners?

  • Our technical sales team can assist with sizing and specification
  • Choice of market leading, WRAS Approved control valves
  • Flow rates from 4,000 to 56,000 litres per hour
  • Simplex, duplex or triplex configurations

Need help with our Industrial Water Softeners? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


There is no one size fits all when it comes to softening water on an industrial scale. Our industrial water softeners are built to order, which enables us to fully understand customer needs and recommend products based on the specific requirements of each application. Whether you are looking for a water softening solution for a whole premises or just for a specific process, we have the capabilities to support you.

The range of WRAS approved control valves that we can offer allows for inlet and outlet connections from 1” to 3” with total end user programmability over the regeneration process and options for features such as BMS connectivity and up flow brining (to reduce chances of hardness breakthrough in critical applications). Resin volumes range from 10L up to 700L to cater for most flow rates and even the hardest of water. We are also able to tailor our resin to your specific application requirements, including the option for low fouling resin, which will also reduce low levels of iron, manganese, aluminium, lead and nickel.

If you have a specific requirement that you would like a quotation for or would like to discuss suitable options then please contact a member of our team

Available Valve Types:

  • Clack WS1CI, Clack WS1TTCI, Clack WS1.25CI, Clack WS1.25TTCI, Clack WS1.5CI, Clack WS1.5PCI, Clack WS2CI, Clack WS3,
  • Autotrol 255, Autotrol 268/278, Autotrol 298

Key Product Information:

  • Customisable range of industrial water softeners to suit all applications
  • Additional options including low fouling resin and up flow brining
  • Bespoke design and manufacture to your specific requirements
  • Assistance with recommended pre-treatment/filtration
  • Inlet and outlet connections from 1” to 3”

Need help with our Industrial Water Softeners? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Industrial & Commercial, Hospitals, Healthcare, Care Homes, Commercial Offices/Building Services, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Commercial Laundry, Hotels, Steam Boiler Feed, Cooling Water, HVAC


Simplex, Duplex, Triplex

Valve Types

Clack Valves: WS1CI, WS1TTCI, WS1.25CI, WS1.25TTCI, WS1.5CI, WS1.5PCI, WS2CI, WS3
Autotrol Valves: 255, 268/278, 298

Resin Volumes

10L – 700L


1” – 3” Inlet/Outlet

Flow Rates

4,000 Litres per hour – 56,000 Litres per hour

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