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Backwashing Carbon Filters


Our Backwashing Carbon Filters remove chlorine, taste, odour and organics from your water. Consisting of a vessel filled with granular activated coconut carbon and a Clack WS1 valve which is pre-programmed to automatically backwash the carbon bed once every three days, ensuring it is kept fresh and free from sediment.  Available in a range of sizes to suit flow rates from 700 to 3,800 litres per hour.

Why Choose Our Backwashing Carbon Filters?

  • Popular option for high flow rate carbon filtration
  • Clack WS1 valve controls automatic backwashing
  • Supplied with WRAS approved coconut carbon
  • Suitable for use with drinking water

Need help with our Backwashing Carbon Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Carbon filtration is commonly used in drinking water, private water supplies and commercial applications thanks to its ability to adsorb and remove a number of contaminants such as chlorine, VOC’s and even some heavy metals. Our Backwashing Carbon Vessels are the go-to solution for high flow rate carbon filtration where a traditional carbon cartridge will not achieve the required flow rate. The recommended flow rates for these systems are based on de-chlorination, for colour or organics removal the peak flow rate is approximately 20% of that for dichlorination.

Each system is supplied partially assembled, with some of the valve programming already complete, meaning that some assembly will be required on site. Systems come as standard with a Pentair Clack WS1 control valve, with 1” inlet and outlet.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Carbon In These Backwashing Carbon Filters?
It is recommended to replace the carbon media annually for hygiene purposes. If you start to notice chlorine breakthrough or the carbon media feels slimy, it should be replaced sooner.

Key Product Information:

  • Removes chlorine, VOC’s, colour, taste and odour
  • Pre-programmed backwash every 3 days
  • Environmentally friendly coconut carbon
  • Suitable for high flow RO pre-filtration
  • Supplied partially assembled

Compatible Products

Need help with our Backwashing Carbon Filters? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Drinking Water, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Light Commercial, Industrial, Private Water Supplies, Aquatics

Flow Rate

De-Chlorination, For Colour Or Organics Removal Flow Rate Is 20% Of Below

BWC-1054: 800 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1252: 1,400 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1354: 2,100 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1465: 2,400 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1665: 3,200 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1865: 4,000 Litres Per Hour
BWC-2160: 5,400 Litres Per Hour
BWC-2469: 6,500 Litres Per Hour

Carbon Volume

BWC-1054: 20Kg
BWC-1252: 25Kg
BWC-1354: 35Kg
BWC-1465: 50Kg
BWC-1665: 63Kg
BWC-1865: 85Kg
BWC-2160: 100Kg
BWC-2469: 150Kg

Carbon Type

Granular Activated Coconut Carbon

Min Pressure

2 Bar

Max Pressure

6 Bar



Backwash Flow Rate

BWC-1054: 700 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1252: 900 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1354: 1,100 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1465: 1,300 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1665: 1,700 Litres Per Hour
BWC-1865: 2,200 Litres Per Hour
BWC-2160: 3,000 Litres Per Hour
BWC-2469: 3,800 Litres Per Hour


Pentair Clack WS1

Port Sizes


frank woolnough
frank woolnough
The first time using this site, and im more than pleasd with the service and delivery of the product. Will use again no problem.
Gary Kinsley
Gary Kinsley
Excellent service, fast delivery (although there was no urgency) and great after sales service from Becky who's very helpful and knowledgeable.
Eamonn Dorling
Eamonn Dorling
Prompt and well informed service
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
This company gives the best customer service I have EVER EXPERIENCED in the UK. If every company gave this much care and attention to their customers the UK would easily lead the world in business. Truly ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I cannot recommend enough Marco Crawford
Gary Barbour
Gary Barbour
The team were brilliant offering great advice, very knowledgeable on their products and I will definitely be using them again!
Alice Sefton
Alice Sefton
Really great service, I wasn't too sure what size of water filter to order so sent in a picture, the size was identified and the new filters were with me a day after purchase.
Jill and Garry Clark
Jill and Garry Clark
Excellent service.
Matthew Durdy
Matthew Durdy
Prompt service and follow up. Like it should be.
Resin cleaner turned up on time and worked as expected. Great service - Will use again

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