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Filter Kit For PRF RO System


The popular PRF RO system by Pentair requires specially sized pre-filters and unique RO membranes. The unit contains a hybrid Fibredyne carbon pre-filter which removes both sediment and chlorine in a single cartridge, followed by two bespoke RO membranes and a push-fit carbon post filter.

PRF RO Carbon Pre-Filter – Fibredyne carbon and sediment pre-filter (6 monthly replacement recommended)
PRF RO Membrane – TLC-350 RO membranes (changed every 1-3 years depending on your water quality)
PRF RO Carbon Post-Filter – Replacement push fit carbon post filter (6 monthly replacement recommended)

Why Choose Our Filter Kit For PRF RO System?

  • Easy to change, no plumbing experience required
  • Genuine filters for the Pentair PRF RO system
  • High quality TLC-350 RO membranes
  • Fibredyne hybrid pre-filter

Need help with our Filter Kit For PRF RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853

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Proper maintenance of your RO system is imperative to ensuring system performance and extending the systems lifespan. All water filters and reverse osmosis systems need to be looked after, so it is important to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for the system. We make this easy by supplying replacement filter kits for our domestic systems, simply select the option you required based on the suggested schedule.

The filters in the PRF RO system are easy to change, the triangular support leg is also a spanner that can be used to help undo the housings if they are tight. When you have changed the filters the bowls should only be hand tightened. Remember to order two replacement membranes if both require changing.

How Often Do I Need To Replace The Filters In The Pentair PRF RO System?
The carbon pre and post-filters should be changed every six months. The RO membranes should be replaced when you notice a slower flow rate or a change in the water quality; with soft water you can expect the membranes to last 2-3 years or with hard water around 1-2 years.

Key Product Information

  • Specifically for use with the Pentair PRF RO (formerly ‘Merlin’)
  • Same original filters supplied when purchasing the system
  • Regular maintenance extends the life of your system
  • Quick change push-fit carbon post filter

Compatible Products

Need help with our Filter Kit For PRF RO System? Give us a call on 01622 933 853


Suitable For

Pentair PRF RO System


PRF-RO Carbon Pre-Filter: Fibredyne Hybrid Carbon Pre-Filter (1 Required)
PRF-RO Membrane: TLC-350 RO Membrane (2 Required)
PRF-RO Carbon Post Filter: Inline Carbon Filter 3/8” Push Fit (1 Required)

Membrane Specification

Average Rejection Rate: 93%
Minimum Feed Pressure: 2.78 bar
Permeate Flow Rate: 2,600 Litres Per Day

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